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Paige Wright Books is a fee-based consulting firm that works with aspiring and established authors to help them publish commercially viable manuscripts in print or electronic format. Our services include:

  • Manuscript review
  • Preparing book proposals for submission to a literary agent (non-fiction)
  • Agenting specialty titles in small market niches
  • Manuscript development working in full partnership with the author
  • Ghostwriting

Paige Wright Books was founded by Paige Stover Hague, a Boston-based publisher and book marketer with over twenty years experience in the business. Her career as a writer and publisher was fated from birth because yes, Paige Wright is her given first and middle name.

Her early career was in professional publishing where she worked on both the editorial and marketing sides of the business. In 2000 she established her own consulting firm providing a full range of services to authors and people who are recognized subject-matter experts looking to leverage their knowledge into revenue-generating products. The services offered by the firm run the gamut of author support — manuscript review, revision, production, representation, and publication.
Paige Wright Books helps writers bring a draft manuscript up to the standards of a trade publisher, bring a book proposal to a literary agent, and assist the author during the publication process after they are under contract. The parameters of our role are flexible allowing us to provide the degree of support that best meets your needs.
Paige Wright Books works hand-in-hand with Acanthus Publishing (, a small independent press, and The Ictus Initiative ( a marketing and PR firm which specializes in promoting speakers and authors.

Acanthus Publishing:

Acanthus publishes business, professional development, memoir, and specialty non-fiction titles. Acanthus has received several national book awards and publishes in print and electronic formats. Our approach to the publishing process offers the technical support that you would receive from a trade publisher with the speed and control that comes with self-directed publishing efforts.

The Ictus Initiative:

Getting your book published is only the first step in the process of establishing your reputation as an expert in your field. The second step is achieving media and on-line visibility for your work so that your name becomes associated with the issues and topics that are your specialty. The Ictus Initiative assists with branding, promotional materials, media placement, web design and development, and strategic planning so that you are properly positioned in the market segments that you have targeted.

The Ictus Initiative
The Ictus Initiative